About Us

The Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society has been organized solely for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Its primary goal is to organize and manage a year round program that serves the educational and cultural needs of its audiences and is an organization of the LGBTQIA community

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Celebrating 31 years of LGBT Filmmaking!

This year the Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society (PLGFS) will present the 31st annual Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (Reel Q). The festival is an annual celebration of LGBTQ+ writers, directors, actors and their work. Each year in October, hundreds of movie-goers from Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and the surrounding areas are treated to ten days of high quality entertainment, including feature films, shorts, and videos from the hottest national and international LGBT filmmakers of our time. In addition to offering the latest in big and small screen entertainment, PLGFS sponsors social events throughout the October film festival at some of Pittsburgh’s most popular gay and gay-friendly nightspots. There is plenty of time to get involved with the annual Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival. You can add your name to our Volunteer list or visit the Sponsorship sections to find out how you can be part of this great cultural event in Pittsburgh.

A Little History

The Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival began in 1982 as the Lesbian and Gay Film Series, a project of the Pittsburgh’s Gay and Gay Community Center, with the goal of providing opportunities for viewing media by and about lesbian and gay people and their experiences. In 1985 the Film Series became a separate event, formed its own Board of Directors, and launched the first film festival in 1986 with the cooperation of Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

In 1987 the Film Festival incorporated, was granted non-profit status, and applied for funding as a major, new, and innovative presenter of lesbian and gay media in Pennsylvania and the nation.

In 2006, the organization expanded its efforts to make it a year round program and changed the legal name of the organization to Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society.

The Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities in Pittsburgh and the surrounding tri-state region. In addition, PLGFS provides a crucial service to the cultural vitality of Pittsburgh, designed to support lesbian and gay artists, and to provide a much-needed cultural outlet for the lesbian and gay communities in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

In 2012, we re-branded of our film festival. Now called Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival, to be more inclusive of the LGBTQIA community.

Annually, Reel Q is held each October and provides a variety of programs and activities. Approximately 20 programs are presented during each festival.

With our focus on quality year round events and positioning ourselves for the future we want to broaden our audience range. We have started activities that are fun to attend, attract a wider audience and yet still provide a sense of community. We facilitate “meet and greets” and panel discussions. We also work with other organizations in order to bring organizations together and hold joint activities.

Because our vision for the organization is to one day have a paid staff member for the organization it is important that we continue to broaden our contacts with filmmakers, producers, directors, distributors and other festival personal outside of the local surrounding area.

We are a very energized organization and continue to keep our eyes focused on making the Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society an important LGBT resource and to be an active participant and driving force in the arts community of Pittsburgh. We will continue our good working relationship with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and with the South Side Works Cinema and look to grow and further these relationships. We will work with other business establishments that can provide locations for us to hold after movie get-to-gathers. We will continue our outreach efforts with community groups and local colleges to show that as a community we can work together to achieve great results. With these great results we will drive Pittsburgh to the forefront of LGBT Festivals.

The Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society is committed to providing an exceptional level of value for the Pittsburgh community. We have successfully established a standard of excellence that is reflected not only in the quality of films presented each year but also in the professionalism of the production of Film Society events.